Wednesday, January 7, 2009

jan 5-13

Ok, I'm already behind, but I took one photo everyday so I'll just post them all:

Jan 5 - my cup of white chocolate

Jan 6 - me and my sister Iulia by the Christmas tree

Jan 7 - my grandpa

Jan 8 - my 10-years-old brother Emi

Jan 9 - my sister and BIL are leaving to Italy in the morning.... the Christmas season is over...

Jan 10 - our shopping bags

Jan 11 - working at the computer

Jan 12 - Liviu and our cute reindeer Reny

Jan 13 - me and Reny

I know the last two photos aren't the best but I like them anyway :)


  1. Wonderful photo's! Love the cup the white chocolate is in - looks yummy!
    Great pic of you and your sister - you could almost be twins! Such a great keepsake photo of your grandpa, and such a handsome young brother - he's has gorgeous blue eyes! Holidays just go by so fast, hate it when family has to leave and such a cute reindeer - great pics of you and your SO! Have a great day!

  2. I love how your photos really revolve around your day to day life!! That cup of white chocolate does look yummy and the cup itself is super cool!!

  3. Fantastic photos - I especially like the close up of your cup! You have a beautiful family...

  4. I like your photos! I like seeing the everyday in other people's lives--not so different from my own life. Hope you keep posting!